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Facial Products

$25.00 - $30.00
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Our Organic Face line is blended with Nutrient Dense Ingredients like Red Algae, Callendula, Chamomile, Mint, to Heal and restore balance.   Our Facial Line comes in a Facial Wash, a Facial Moisturizer, and a Facial Astringent.  We offer two signature mask: A moisturizing Mask- made of dead sea clay, raw cold pressed coconut oil, Sea Moss, that strictly nourishes and moisturizes.  The Detox Face Mask made of activated charcoal, apricot seed oil, dead sea salt, Kaolin Clay, is one of the best exfoliate mask.   The ingredients detox your skin while simultaneously replenish with nutrients.  Dry skin is as much of a sign of being out of balance as oily skin.  Free Radicals in the Air, Sun Damage, toxins in products, and  Makeup,  are all things that play a role in damaging our skin, or throwing it off balance.  Then we drown it with expensive products that halfway work.  The Key is balance.  We also encourage you to visit our Medicinal Page to add a balancing skin mineral and vitamin supplement.  Healing and Restoration is treated within as well as without.